Tee time in Brittany

Your guide to golf in Brittany

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If you love golf, you’ll love Brittany. The variety and quality of the courses is quite exceptional: by the sea, in the hills or deep in the forest, there are courses that cater for every taste and ability. What’s more, Brittany golf is inexpensive, uncrowded and wonderfully unstuffy.

Breathtaking scenery

Brittany is blessed with an almost mystical mix of ingredients that make it one of the most appealing places in which to tee up a golf ball. A rugged terrain, craggy coastline, breathtaking scenery, ideal climate and a certain je ne sais quoi create an irresistible combination that appeals to everyone from the most humble hacker upwards.

The fairest of fairways

From pure links to manicured parkland, clifftop to deep forest and seaside to riverside, Brittany boasts a range of quality courses wider than the widest fairway. And you don’t need pockets as deep as a bunker to play them because they are reasonably priced and offer extraordinary value. Because the French prefer pétanque to golf, they are also remarkably uncrowded.

Relaxed atmosphere

What’s more, the clubs in Brittany are not in the least bit stuffy. Indeed, they are wonderfully welcoming and friendly. Although the Colonel back home almost certainly wouldn’t approve, dress codes are much more relaxed and even jeans don’t provoke the wave of indignation they invariably do elsewhere.

Going gastro

Another appealing feature of golf in Brittany is the quality of the food served in the clubhouse. Like everywhere else in the region, golf clubs take their food seriously. So seriously, in fact, that you might wonder which is the more important appointment, the greenkeeper or the chef? Instead of bacon butties, you’ll more than likely find a mouthwatering menu full of local delicacies and tasty dishes.