Golf charter

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All of the golf clubs shown on the  website are committed to helping you enjoy a superb golfing break, and they have all signed a Quality Charter. This ensures that you will have a great time in Brittany.

In order to make sure that golfers enjoy a quality break in Brittany, the Comité Régional du Tourisme de Bretagne (Regional Committee for Tourism in Brittany), which runs the website, as well as the managers of Brittany golf clubs and the Ligue de Bretagne de Golf (Brittany Golf League), have come together to agree a Quality Charter.

This Charter highlights the quality and professionalism of the services on offer, as well as the commitment of the golf clubs to environmental sustainability. It also covers the golfer’s playing experience, from the preparations for his stay to when he leaves the club.

To be represented on the website most of these criteria must be met. The Charter uses a rating system, in which points are awarded for each of the criteria met. Each golf course must score at least 560 out of 705. Some of the criteria are classed as priority while others are merely seen as desirable; particular emphasis is given to the upkeep of the course and respect for the environment.

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