The 19th hole

A warm welcome awaits

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A very warm welcome awaits you in the golf clubhouses of Brittany. Because they really like visitors, Brittany golf clubs do everything they can to make you thoroughly relaxed and perfectly comfortable and all the facilities that are enjoyed by the members are extended to visitors.

Liberty, equality and first tee

You can expect more or less the same from a French clubhouse as from its UK counterpart – although Brittany’s clubhouses do tend to be a lot more relaxed and, for the most part it has to be said, they serve better food. Visitors will be able to park in the main car park and not in the visitors’ car park some distance away and rarely, if ever, will there be a separate vestiaire (changing room) for visitors. Instead, you will use the same well-appointed facility as the members, which is of course both friendlier and entirely consistent with the French fondness for égalité. This democratic principle extends throughout the clubhouse and so there’s no risk of inadvertently stumbling into a ‘Members’ Bar’, upsetting the occupants and sparking a major diplomatic incident.

In the club

The altogether more relaxed regime you’ll find in Brittany clubhouses also covers clothing and so you won’t be upbraided by a surly steward pointing out that your favourite pair of slacks doesn’t comply with their outdated dress code. Neither will you be obliged to put on a tie and jacket before sitting down to eat after your round. Feeling cooler and more comfortable, you will enjoy what is certain to be a delicious meal because the food served in Brittany golf clubs is lovingly prepared and exceptionally tasty.

Celtic craic

There is also plenty to keep you entertained outside of the clubhouses as Brittany embraces its Celtic roots with dancing and music at every opportunity from traditional fest noz – evening get-togethers of gaiety for all ages – to bars and pubs on every corner of every square.