Relax after a round 

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Brittany is the birthplace of thalassotherapy and has some of the finest spa centres scattered around its coast. Whether for golfers after a game or their partners’ enjoyment while they’re busy on the links, a spa treatment eases away the stresses and strains of modern life.

You’re never far from a spa

It makes perfect sense that Brittany is the birthplace of thalassotherapy, or seawater therapy. Surrounded by the sea on three of its four sides, Brittany boasts some 1,700 miles of coastline and an ideal maritime climate that comes complete with bracing breezes. Brittany has all the essential ingredients required to exploit the restorative power of the ocean for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

A new you

Although simply breathing the marine air is invigorating, scattered around the northern, western and southern coasts of Brittany are more than a dozen top quality thalassotherapy centres that offer a wide range of treatments. Using everything from algae, mud and seaweed, qualified therapists treat disorders, relieve stress and enhance beauty.

Post-round pampering

While traditionally, pampering pleasures were thought of as the reserve of the plus ones rather than those wearing the plus fours, things have thankfully changed. Today golfers of either sex with their weary limbs and aching muscles will doubtless appreciate the soothing benefits of a massage or a long soak in heated seawater after a gruelling day on the links. Don’t tell your pro but a spa treatment might do your game more good than a lesson. Who knows, thalassotherapy might even have a cure for three-putting!

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